Hello! I am MJ Smith, a writer, counselor, and speaker. Welcome to my blogs!

We all need love and acceptance to thrive. We all have a story to use. Mine includes having overcome a past of some major disappointments and warped ideas about the future because of it.

However, I have emerged empowered to empower. Healed people heal people. I challenge you to live your life affirmed (LYLA) in a love that has no conditions—the ineffable love of your Creator. Living Affirmed means to live FREE.

Your Creator’s loving and lasting affirmation of you will fill you with the boldness you need to use your life. It will both motivate you and protect you. Through comprehending his approval of your presence–amid billions–you will confidently take leaps of faith in a life that pulsates with purpose. I will help you.


I’m proud to have won an award for my fictional novelette Making Heaven My Home. It candidly depicts the 1970s coming of age of Raina Reonne. A teenage girl’s experiences having been raised within a cult-like religious group.

Raina runs away from home at 15 years old, commencing a life of self-abuse through alcohol and drug use. By divine intervention, 17 years later, Raina rises as a phoenix from the ashes, a soaring conqueror over the effects of her past. 

I am also proud to have won honorable mention for my first poem entitled Red Dirt. It represents an amalgamation of my personal heritage, my early college experiences, and my spiritual beliefs. It was quoted in my local newspaper as having been “powerful!” Thereby, a category was created within the foundation to honor such pieces going forward.


Here, through my blog posts, I share the tools that I use for both the inner and outer challenges that we all face in life. I communicate the life lessons that have taught me to thrive, including the bridges I’ve had to cross to the unknown. My faith motto is LYLA: Live Your Life Affirmed!

Living Affirmed: It’s Your Right and Responsibility is my current book project that will halt readers’ frustration and confusion about success, purpose, and destiny. Readers mobilized and equipped to live purposefully despite feelings of shame, guilt, rejection, betrayal, anger, anxiety, and fear will emerge transformed. They will learn to utilize the power of prophetic words to anticipate their destinies–forcing universal compliance. They will learn to maintain peace, even amid uncertain times in life.

My years working with children, youth, adults, and the elderly, in both Christian and secular counseling, have created an intensified sense of advocacy within me. It has spurred my passion to see people healed of the lingering wounds associated with their past abuses and failures.

My mission is to help those of you who are stuck in survival mode. Like Raina Reonne you too can thrive. You can be free to live your life affirmed.

I welcome you to grow with me on this journey of life as often as you will join me! LYLA!

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