Conditional Circumstances

New to the city, stormy conditions threatened to ruin our plans for our first 4th of July holiday here. We were elated that we had been invited to view the annual fireworks show from our neighbor’s yacht. Since early morning we’d been debating whether or not we’d go to the open-air concert and fireworks event to be held in the heart of our city. Although we wanted to go, we weren’t looking forward to navigating the crowds and traffic of the 30,000 people expected. Ergo, when we read our neighbor’s text inviting us to join him we whooped and high-fived each other, grateful for the perfect solution! Lost in the moment, we hardly noticed the server’s arrival at our table asking if we wanted dessert.


After a satisfying meal, no sooner were we home then our attention was commanded by the sonic boom that rattled our windows! The sky lit up like a prolonged camera flash exposing the torrential rain and wind that the summer storm had brought with it. Our palm trees swayed erratically against the backdrop of the illuminated sky. Slowly and silently we looked to each other with mutual defiance in our eyes. No words necessary, we smiled knowingly, reaching for each other’s hand. As our hands connected, we authoritatively declared that the storm must pass by the time we were ready to launch out to sea with our friends. Gratified, we turned our attention back to the edge-of-your-seat movie we were watching, digging in to the scrumptious pineapple upside-down cake we’d brought home from the restaurant.


Sometimes in life we get good news just to have the blessing snatched away before it can materialize. More often than we should, we concede defeat. As a part of powering through, however, there comes a time when you must utilize your faith to snatch your blessing back! With faith’s eyes you can see past the threatening skies and ignore the deafening thunder. Untimely storms may be ominous and even frightening, but you must demonstrate that the power you have is unmatched and irrevocable. Your success is determined by your faith to press forward.


There were other concerning factors to why Don and I debated going to the event; but, because we wanted to celebrate America’s freedom with fellow residents, we chose to pray for a workable plan. Believing our prayer had been answered via the text invite—not complaining about the sudden storm—we refused to allow natural circumstances or anything else to block our blessing!


My message to you is that at some point you must refuse to allow contrary winds and torrential rainstorms to defeat you. In matters of faith, defeat is in giving up on your intended blessing. Not once in the Bible do we read that we ‘gotta know when to fold ‘em’ concerning what God has given. Understand this, YOUR FAITH WILL BE TRIED, but once you’ve received your answer, you must keep believing that it is what God says it is. When your faith is being tried, expect temptation to come to cause you to give up on what you’ve received to be true. Once temptation arrives, your opportunity to develop spiritual muscles is imminent—the blessed opportunity has come for your faith to increase.


When God has spoken, access to what you’re believing for has already been granted. You may have to dig deep, but faith is the key to unlock the door to your blessing. Any allusion of doubt that tries to creep in must be readily dismissed by faith spoken from your lips. Speak your faith all the way through to manifestation. Living affirmed entails knowing who you are and Whose you are. Affirmed believers know that God is sovereign. Speaking what HE has granted, versus naysayers words or personal doubts, will affirm your belief that you are an heir to the abundant life and blessings of God’s kingdom, no questions, no apologies.


We knew that God was saying to us, you will see the fireworks from the best view in the city, you will hear the best music for the occasion, you will enjoy the company of cherished residents, you will have the romantic connection that holidays induce, and you will not have to battle your way through traffic or crowds. We received that with joy. The recapitulation of our joy was expressed through our belief, demonstrated by speaking our faith into existence—even while the storm was raging. It wasn’t until the next day that my husband, chuckling, read aloud the text that we’d missed en route to our neighbor’s home. It simply stated, “Are you ready for an adventure?” Our faith had connected to their faith as well! Are YOU ready for an adventure with God?

This story could have been different. We could have talked ourselves out of our blessing, using the circumstances as an excuse not to enjoy our holiday. We could have sat immobile complaining about how the weather had shut down our plans, accepting defeat. Instead, we spoke to the clouds, wind, rain, and thunder commanding our blessing to fruition. The only conditions we submitted to were the conditions of our faith.


You will never be required to do what you can’t do, but you will always be expected to do what you can do. In Christ, you can do everything expected of you. As a married couple, Donald and I have learned to “become one flesh.” We’ve come to understand the value of agreement (Amos 3:3). When we’re not agreed, unless one concedes to the other, time freezes. In matters of great importance, this can be frustrating. You can “pray until your belly hits your back,” but God will not change his order to convenience your fits. Therefore, challenges should be viewed as opportunities for spiritual workouts. There may be sweat, there may be fatigue, but there will be stamina and strength built in the process—your faith will grow beyond what you can fathom.

Praying Effectively

  • ASK accordingly to God’s will (His Word is his will).
  • EXPECT the answer to come.
  • RECOGNIZE and RECEIVE the answer when it comes.
  • ERADICATE doubt and fear before they have a chance to sway you.
  • AFFIRM your stance as an heir to the promises of God. See and say!
  • BELIEVE that God’s promises are sure.
  • SPEAK your belief into existence.

It was drizzling when Don and I left to board our friend’s yacht. When we arrived at his home, we found him outside by the pool deck that abuts the sea wall. Don comically greeted, “God refused to be outdone by our fireworks, so he put on his own light show! I say we venture out to sea and expect a great time!” Husband had spoken and our friend had agreed. His excitement got us all the more excited, to the point where I was thrown off by the sudden rush that ensued with the others there. Waving his hand over the sea, our friend expressed how vehemently the 5-foot waves had been crashing against the sea wall just an hour before we arrived. He exclaimed that the colorful sights we were viewing were non-existent during the previous white-out conditions. This attested to the worsening circumstances, after we prayed, that were in no way conducive to launching out to sea. Don and I smiled and exchanged a knowing glance. Sometimes things get worse after you pray before they get better. This is warfare. Press forward anyways.


The storm had rolled in suddenly amid a gloriously sunny day. It would either tempt us to forfeit our blessing, or challenge us to exercise our faith. We chose the latter and enjoyed the most spectacular fireworks display that we’d viewed together, to date, accompanied by a wonderful playlist of patriotic songs. Besides nostalgia, romance was in the air to boot! There is a special bond that is forged between people who, together, trust and believe in God’s power to perform.

The seas were calm, the drizzling had ceased, and we had a panoramic view of two city’s annual firework displays, anchored out at sea, rejoicing over God’s faithfulness and the rebirth of our nation. This beach girl and her big kahuna enjoyed the answer to our prayer because we pressed through. The promise of our blessing was never conditional, but the looming circumstances demanded that our faith be decreed to enjoy the end of our faith—the manifested promise.

What circumstances are present, today, that demand you must use your faith to press through to the promise? Once you’ve answered that question, don’t forfeit your blessing, instead get’ta pressing! The results can be explosive. MJ


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Purposeful Living

Inspired by an article that I recently read in a home design magazine, I paused to ruminate the interviewer’s inquiry: “What is a question you’re constantly trying to answer?” Later in the interview the architect was asked what advice she’d give to young apprentices. Her response, “Develop a voice and a mission” (Mariam Kamara).

In discovering your purpose, a major indicator of what it is can be determined by what really gets a rise out of you.

There is so much wrong around us. There is so much that needs to be attended to. In our own homes and communities, there is so much to be done to help to make our lives and world better. What we must do is gain and maintain focus on what it is, and then stay the course.

I often encounter people who grapple with who they are. “I don’t know what my purpose is,” they say. They’re conflicted about what to do with their lives. Moreover, the urgency of what to do seems greater when trauma strikes. The answers are found when one looks within versus looking around. One definition of distraction is “mental confusion.” Unfinished projects, the kids, spouses and significant others, work, church, events, friends, extended family, social media, television, traumatic events and other obligations or distractions—all these persons or things can inform what needs to be done in the world, but they can also be distractive to what you should be doing relative to God’s calling on your life.

“Why are you so angry?” the Lord asked Cain. “Why do you look so dejected” (Genesis 4:6)? The danger of doing nothing, overwhelmed by a plethora of some-things, is that one can become bitter, angry, and dejected due to imagining that another seems to be ahead of them because of unfair conditions. This is especially true of those who are networked with others with like callings or purposes—or simply of the same kin, like Cain and Abel. Two very different siblings with the same command from God. Both brothers were required to bring an offering to God, from their abundance, but Abel obeyed the instructions with a reverent heart, while Cain winged it showing little reverence for God. Not getting the recognition that he wanted he then became embittered.

 As a writer there were many times when I would see “my” words or concepts published by another writer—same calling, same thoughts! Barring plagiarism this would spark feelings of anxiety, then envy, seeing that they’d said exactly what I’d wanted to be the first to say. Worse, what I’d assumed were my original concepts. The nerve of them! I’m jesting, but I’ve since learned to resist the temptation to give in to my emotions—to not be hasty in my assumptions. I remind myself that all that we have comes from God.

Nothing is original to humanity, but all has its genesis in God. He is all wisdom and shares with whom he will as we seek him.

Further, Jesus is the initiator and completer of our faith. We were all created in God’s persona with the ability to feel, think, and will. Those who are Christians are born of one Spirit, the Spirit of God our Father. It stands to reason, then, that the oracles of God would be repeated from the sources of his many children! I’m willing to bet that my three siblings have and will repeat some of the same words or concepts that our parents have taught us as well.

There are no acceptable excuses to not discovering your purpose. Once you put your flesh in check and stop focusing on what others may or may not be doing, ask yourself, “What question do I constantly strive to answer? How will I develop my voice and mission?” THIS WILL TAKE TIME, but time well spent. With the passage of time you will be processed to excellence.

You will come to know how to live your life affirmed. I can attest that there is so much joy in living affirmed.

Concerning my purpose to write, I once ran my ‘what ifs’ by a friend, explaining how I couldn’t do what I’m called to do because of untimely circumstances that had knocked me off my feet. She replied, “MJ, you’re going to write because God told you to.” End of story. “And not because you or anyone else thinks you should or shouldn’t . . . I need your books,” she tearfully implored. Both surprised by her tears and feeling awkward (Helloooo, wasn’t she supposed to be consoling me as I passed the baton to someone else?), somehow, I was instantly cured of my indecision and disobedience.

God has also refused to let you off the hook for something specific. What is it? I’m going to guess that your purpose is that, or directly related to it. Typically, it’s never about you.

If what you do is not what you’re called to do in the way you’re directed to do it, it will fail you—just like it failed Cain. I say it will fail you because doing things you’re not called to do or doing them at the wrong time or in the wrong way will fail you—every time. It doesn’t make you a failure in God’s eyes, just temporarily out of order. Be encouraged, however, that the lessons learned are priceless to assure you that you are personally accountable to your Creator to discover who you are and Whose you are. Your success in life depends on it.

“Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow” (James 1:17).

The God in you is the good in you. His glory in you is his goodness. They are your gifts to be used for purpose. They will always be used in service.   

It is your right and your responsibility to ask yourself the same question that I read in that design magazine. What recurring question do you find yourself ruminating? What disrupts your peace? What do you dream about that lingers with you for hours—even days—after you’ve dreamed it? What is it that calls your attention the most when you read or hear about it? To focus in on a singular project is okay!

Doing a whole lot of something that you shouldn’t is equivalent to doing nothing that you should.

Said in another way, to “develop a voice and a mission” could simply translate to: “What is yourpurpose and calling in life and how will you execute it?” In what way would you find joy in using your life? In what ways would you feel fulfilled in living amid billions of humans? What is your personal, laudable (to yourself) mission to accomplish before you pass on? What legacy will be heard of you and your precious time on the earth? How do you identify your voice? Will you use the gift of comedy? Are you charismatic, having the gift of gab? Are you a more serious type who can appeal to intellectuals—more brainy folks? Do children bring you a special joy? The possibilities are endless for humanity, but specific for you. This doesn’t mean there aren’t multiple ways to diversify even one gift. Allow me to suggest ways to get you started in using your life purposefully.


  1. RUMINATE Ask yourself what makes you mad! This will probably be more than one thing. Your assignment is to seek your Creator, through prayer, to ascertain how you should turn your anger to passion. Righteous indignation doesn’t need an apology. Stop saying, “I’m sorry.” I’ve searched the Bible, and not once did Jesus say “I’m sorry” for being indignant. Rather, he spoke of the great sorrows that are in the world, assuring his followers that he has already overcome them. “I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, TLB). Figure out what to do to expand God’s kingdom in the way that he wants you to.
  2. REEVALUATE Start eliminating things from your schedule that are not fruitful for your intended purpose. Absolutely, if you are a parent, you must parent. If you have bills to pay, you must work to pay them. But take the time to discover how your work can be profitable to your purpose. This may be remaining at the same job but taking a more active leadership role akin to your gifting. Your gift may in fact be organizational leadership. Again, your gift may be child care, rearing and well-being. You may be a daycare provider or a soccer coach. The question to ask is, are you contributing to humanity in a wholesome way?
  3. RESIST Fight the urge or temptation to do what others are doing, or in the way that they are doing it. Sometimes we have the best of intentions, yet our contributions and focus are not best used there, or at all. Other times, God may simply be saying “not now.” True of parents, especially stay-at-home parents, there are days when you may envy those who are doing things that generate income. Always remember that our children are a valuable commodity for the future state of our world—that’s not something that can be paid for. Parents who are making sacrifices to instill godly values in our children are fulfilling an incredibly honorable contribution to humanity, to our society.  
  4. REFUSE Don’t give up. Discover your voice and let it be heard. Don’t be guilty or apologetic about taking the time to reinforce your ability to make a difference in your community. This may even mean going back to school. Give yourself the time that you need to be developed in knowledge, faith, and courage. Exchange pressing responsibilities with others to accommodate your action plan and theirs. Go to church. Read. Walk with God amid his creation—nature. Take in a movie alone. Develop a listening ear and a sensitivity to the promptings of the quiet voice within you. God speaks when we’re quiet. Converse with him all day long. “Deep calls to deep . . .” (Psalm 42:7, ESV). God is a Spirit who connects with you through your spirit. Let peace of mind be your confirmation to move forward. If you’re disturbed, unsettled, anxious, overly excited, or unsure, be still. Keep a positive outlook amid dire circumstances. This will mean repeatedly checking in with God for direction regarding your contributions for change. Be faithful to what you hear. You may be one of those who can ‘get a prayer through’—those gifted to intercede in a warrior’s position! I’m not suggesting Polly Anna affirmations here, I’m suggesting declaring the situation-changing word of God! Praying the Word is a powerful weapon to defeat the darkness that looms seemingly prevalent in the world.  

When you’re overwhelmed by all that needs to be changed around you, redirect your thoughts to what needs to be transformed within you, in order to do what you’re charged to do. As you do your part to manage your life effectively, you will see clearly what your responsibilities are to humanity. LYLA!

Purposeful Living first appeared on Living Affirmed.

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Letting Go

Happy New Year! You have made it to the last day of your first week of 2019! Congratulations!

Success is a Weightless Joy

Some of you have committed to a healthier lifestyle for this year. This may be your emotional health, including your right to enforce boundaries in relationships. You all know at least one pushy person who persistently ignores your desires as to how you wish to be treated. He or she assumes that you don’t know what’s best for you, to the end that your relationship is tested. Feeling rejected and devalued you come to realize that the relationship is toxic.

When you’ve tried to share, in conversation with this person, he or she has cut you off mid-sentence leaving you with the feeling that what they have to say is more important than what you have to say—or at least they seem to think so! Their ego has slowly turned your frustration to infuriation since you’ve repeatedly explained your feelings to them, to no avail. Their constant “advice” doesn’t provide workable solutions because this know-it-all type hasn’t allowed you to fully explain yourself. You come to realize, resolutely, that they don’t really know you, therefore they can’t help you. You come to realize in letting go that that’s okay.

Personal Reflection Brings Revelation

You may have started this new year determined to leave behind all annoying people who just don’t seem to get you. You think “leave behind” because you’d purposed at midnight 2018 that you would no longer allow people who don’t serve your life goals to invade your personal space. Period. Not only do they not add to your life, but they detract from your purpose in life.

In your mind, you’ve imagined how to let them down easy when that impending text or phone call comes. You want to be easy with them because there’s no sense in you carrying 2018’s frustration into 2019. You’re ready this time. You’ve had enough, and your sentiment has been confirmed by the three—count ‘em—THREE Facebook posts you’ve read regarding your decision. Lit, you think those perfect, spot on memes that you’ve both “loved” and “shared” are adequate confirmation for you to separate yourself for the sake of your sanity. You secretly hope that the memes may also serve to prepare the other for the imminent change in your relationship. After all, they don’t let you talk, so maybe they’ll read… Precisely at midnight, December 31, 2018, you commit that in 2019 you will live your life affirmed! LYLA! You promise that you won’t let yourself down.

Soar in 2019! LYLA!

Satisfied with your decision, you’ve moved on, congratulating yourself on sticking to your guns through the first week of 2019! Then there’s that challenging knock on your door. Looking out the window you see their car. Anxiety attempts to set in, but you remind yourself of your right to personal boundaries. You recall those approving Facebook memes… You remember how you’d promised yourself that you’d stand your ground… Still, in fear, you consider ignoring the knock… Thinking quickly, you decide that you can say you were in the shower… The mental battle continues for a moment before you resolve to assert yourself instead of hedging. Pulling on your big kid panties you open the door…

This is just an example of the struggles some of us have had with letting go. It could be the former, or it could be something else, but my intimation is that despite the struggle you can let go. If your situation is dangerous, obtain reinforcements, whether legal, spiritual, friends and family, or all the above. Seek whatever aids you need to continue living affirmed. Determine, without apology, to do what is healthy for you.

Cross Your Bridges with Confidence

Many of us have family members that we must love from afar. As much as our hearts have sought fulfillment in the relationships we’ve imagined, that person’s actions have consistently shown that they don’t share the same sentiment. You may know what the problem is, and with the best of intentions have attempted to make amends, but if your loved one is not aware and engaged, you must let go.

Letting go does not have to feel like failure. If you’re an extreme finisher, like me, letting go may feel like you’re quitting. Because you possess bulldog tenacity and relentless faith, you may grapple between sound wisdom and giving in to what your heart wants. In the case of letting go it is best to stick with what your mind is telling you to do. It is your mind that holds the memories of what has transpired. Your heart holds the imaginings of what hasn’t—time after time. You must be true to yourself.

You are Free to be You


  • PREPARE Be ready to arm yourself against sabotage. Because you don’t want to let go of your ideal, you could be the worst enemy to your success. Arm yourself with powerful, biblical affirmations to buttress your stance in letting go. Write the scriptures on sticky notes or note cards to affix to key places that are in plain view
    (e-mail will subscribers receive the helpful affirmation “Letting Go,” free of charge). When self-sabotage tempts, recite the words before you. In so doing, you will speak life to your intentions and death to your doubts. “Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away” (James 1:14, NLT). Take authority over the temptations that will lead to defeat, by speaking the word of God, “Lead us not into temptation” (Matthew 6:13, KJV).
  • PRAY Because you are doing what is best for you, your heavenly Father will support you in your plan for emotional and spiritual health. In talking to him, you are consulting with your greatest advocate. He is your Creator who has created you with a specific purpose in mind. Discovering what your purpose is; aka, knowing who you are in the earth and what you should be doing in the earth, is fully known to God. He shares your intentionality to improve the quality of your life. Moreover, nobody loves you more than he does. Praying takes your attention off your weaknesses and redirects your focus to God’s strength and ability in you. “Hallowed be thy name” acknowledges his sovereignty over the world and all that is (Matthew 6:9b, KJV). Start your prayer by acknowledging him as the wholly other Ruler of all things and your problem will diminish in size and strength by the time you finish praying! It will also enable you to pray skillfully and lovingly for the person you’re letting go of. Some people are the way they are because they have an unloving spirit; therefore, your prayerful intercession will help them to be set free from their issues, as well, furthering the possibility of a healthy reunion one day. What you desire may well be accomplished through the change in your perspective as you love the person or persons from afar through prayer. It is an effective, loving act.
  • PICK AND CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES In letting one go, versus “cutting” one off, you are simply releasing him or her to a higher power for the benefit of you both. It is a selfless act versus a selfish act. To cut is to let go, but to release is let-ting go. Cutting is unlovingly dismissive. It can be construed as cruelly or willfully hurtful—but releasing is letting go for the betterment of all involved. It concedes that separation is necessary for individual, independent growth. Letting go means your boundaries include loving them from afar through your sincere prayer and well wishes. This includes forgiving them, being gracious and merciful in your thoughts toward them, being cordial with them (e.g., when circumstances dictate you be at the same places at the same times—especially true with family members or exes whom you share children with), and continuing to strengthen them, and yourself, through tips 1 and 2. Letting go is a process.
Prayer is Power

Determine to be successful in the changes you will make in 2019 taking the time to attend to your personal needs through reading and studying positive materials rooted in the wisdom of the B. I. B. L. E.. Day 7 represents the completion of week one. 51 more weeks to go! Knowing that you have an Advocate for your success commands that spending quality time with him is absolutely necessary. Wake up greeting him before any other, “Good morning Holy Spirit.” He’s always willing to hang out with you.

My love language is primarily Quality Time. As a writer and communicator, communing with God is natural for me—even my primal need. Your love language may be Words of Affirmation or Receiving Gifts, or one of the others. I assure you that all that you need to live affirmed in this world is available through a healthy relationship with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As you are a triune being, what you need to succeed in life is in the triune being of the Holy Trinity, to attend to every one of your needs–spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Happy New Year 2019! May you prosper in spiritual growth.

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Crocodile Tears

The word predator immediately brings danger to mind. This past weekend, within just 20 minutes, I saw two child abduction alerts flashing on banners as I drove up the highway. I imagined the frightened children being sped down the highway to some unknown place, probably with strangers at the wheels!

As is procedure, both vehicle’s descriptions were given, including the license plate numbers. Driving a large, 8-cylinder truck, I vowed that if I saw one of the cars I’d run it off the road to perform a citizen’s arrest and save the child! And I meant it.

That’s my personality. A die-hard advocate with a vigilante predisposition. My family legacy is that of serving. I grew up in a household where often the pullout sofa was in use. Having grown up in the church from the age of 5, I had always viewed my home as an extension of our church, open and welcoming to many.

Because my parents had such giving hearts, you can imagine that at times they were taken advantage of. But this I know, they were always blessed. It’s vital to keep in mind that kindnesses are never overlooked by God. He sees every good deed that we do and knows the motives of our hearts. If we focus on the needy, or their lack of appreciation or repayment, we can become hardhearted and ineffective in receiving the joy that comes with being benevolent.

“Cheerfully pleasing God is the main thing, and that’s what we aim to do, regardless of our conditions. Sooner or later we’ll all have to face God . . . We will appear before Christ and take what’s coming to us as a result of our actions, either good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:9-10, MSG).

Formerly, I believed that giving was to be done based on God’s expectations and how I felt about them. Being born to serve, I learned the hard way that not everyone means well. There are deceptive people who aim to prey on those of us with big hearts. I often tell people, don’t give based on your emotions due to the person’s request or need, but give only if and as the Spirit leads you to give. Emotional giving is a tool the enemy will use to distract you from your purpose. God knows the motives of all hearts, we don’t. You can fool most of the people some of the time, and some of the people most of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time, and you can’t fool God anytime! 

Because of allowing myself to be used by people with impure motives, I became confused, angry, and mistrusting of everyone. This shut me down from being able to serve in the capacity that I was intended to—my birthright. After all, you can’t work well with people whom you don’t trust. The issue wasn’t that all the people weren’t trustworthy, the issue was that my personal rule had become “trust no one.” It’s important to discern your own motives. As well, it’s important to rely on God to show you whom you cannot trust.

Have you experienced this type of wounding and stagnancy in your own life? Can you think of the circumstances surrounding the decision you made that changed your trajectory for the worse? If you’re stuck there, God is right there with you—omnipresent—he’s everywhere and willing to help you. Jehovah Shamma means “God is there.” He’s ready; are you?

Finally, the day came when a message was preached that challenged me to trust. My life was “fixed” at the heart level. The prick of conviction that I felt let me know that God was after the dysfunction. The enemy had caused me to forfeit my purpose by distorting my view of humanity. I had thought that I was protecting myself, but I was imprisoning myself and self-destructing. With the wash of freedom and joy that I felt when I asked God to help me to trust, and to give me the gift of discerning, I was delivered of that bondage! 

After the euphoria of the moment, caught up in the corporate worship and healing experience with the others that day, I was soon tested. Holy Spirit had highlighted, to me, a woman whom I could trust. Instead of receiving his counsel, I asked a close family member for their opinion. They emphatically denounced the person as untrustworthy, with a lengthy argument following. But I had to resolve to rely on God as the one who knows best—the one who “cannot lie”—rejecting what I’d been told by that trusted family member (Titus 1:2, KJV).

You absolutely must obey what God instructs you to do, whether it’s easy or not: The apostles Peter and John say to their persecutors, “Do you think God wants us to obey you rather than him?” Peter and the apostles again say, “We must obey God rather than any human authority” (Acts 4:19-21; 5:29b).

There are predators who, if given the opportunity, will tempt you to disobey what you know is the truth! This is where you must be discerning of your own motives. There may be a payoff in it for you that makes you want to yield to the temptation. Let me advise you, however; any and every time you go against the wisdom of God, you’re either submitting to the devil, or you’re submitting to your flesh through which the devil works. The negative outcome may be a long time coming, but it’s coming.

Many single women that I know will walk along in victory for an extended period of time then succumb to a love interest that sweeps them off their feet, just to later learn that they’ve been duped. Some of them will see clearly that they made a huge mistake, but as soon as he shows up with crocodile tears, they bend, they bow, they break. Then they call. “Help!” Of course, we’ve all been there and can relate, both women and men. Ergo, we show compassion and grace.

“How do I stay strong,” you may ask? Let me help you. A little trivia about crocodile tears:

“The term may have gained wide popularity as a result of a passage in one book, ‘The Voyage and Travel of Sir John Mandeville,’ first published in 1400 and read widely, they write.“Says the passage, ‘In that country be a general plenty of crocodiles …These serpents slay men and they eat them weeping.’”

Thus, crocodiles cry while feeding on their prey! Let that sink in… Those tears are not tears of sorrow or empathy, rather they’re fake tears, deceiving the non-discerning. A crocodile is a predator by nature and so are some deceitful people. “Stay woke!”

Based on 1 Peter 5:8: “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” A late, beloved elder used to advise, “Tell the devil he’s not getting a snack today!” Touché!

“In 2006, neurologist Malcolm Shaner, assisted by Kent Vliet, a researcher at the University of Florida, decided to test the story that crocodiles or their close relatives alligators and caimans were likely to ‘weep’ while feeding. Studying animals in Florida’s St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, Vliet recorded seven caimans feeding. He chose to use caimans rather than crocodiles because at the sanctuary they could be observed feeding on dry land. Five of the seven animals were seen ‘weeping’, leading to the conclusion that the story describes a real phenomenon.” 

It is a myth that crocodiles tear up because of sympathy for their victims, rather they weep when they are feasting on their victims! Please don’t be moved by the fake tears of those who are up to no good for you and your life. Listen to that still, small voice inside that is your intuition.

[T]here is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them, that makes them intelligent” (Job 32:8, NLT).

Staying free from the oppression of predators—those who are sent on assignment to distract you from your intended destiny—takes the discipline of obedience and self-love. It is your protection. It’s not complicated and it’s not impossible; it will spare you setbacks and shame, heartache and pain, guilt and real tears of anguish.

In conclusion, that woman whom God said I could trust? To this day she is one my greatest supporters, with genuine love for me. She has demonstrated her trustworthiness in many, many ways down through the years. And my love for her is reciprocated. God forged an unbreakable bond between us that is lasting, tried and true for almost 16 years now! That family member who condemned her? That person later betrayed me in ways I cannot put into words and God has since taken that person completely out of my life, regardless of their crocodile tears.

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Power On

That life can be disappointing at times is an understatement. Strolling along with purpose, having finally figured out the next step you breathe in deeply to exhale sheer satisfaction. Smiling along your way, sun kissing your cheeks, suddenly your shoe sinks in the telltale squish and slide of dog poop. Thrown into a combination of trepidation and shock you look down to verify that experience has indeed taught you well. Dang-it-all! The sweet-putrid scent of intestinally churned dog food assaults your unsuspecting nasal passages with an unjust vengeance. Swooning from the unwelcome invasion, you pinch your nostrils, carefully raising your foot from the putrid pile of mush.

Shaking your head, you think, “Not now, this simply can’t be happening to me now!”

We’ve all been there more times than we’d like to admit. An estranged friend of mine used to say to me, “Act like you’ve been there before.” When confronted by an unexpected, embarrassing situation, he advised that those times are to challenge you to power on, not giving yourself the slightest opportunity to faint in frustration. Stellar advice. The trajectory of your life really depends on what you tell yourself. Mind over matter.

Beyond frustrations in life, there are times of sheer exhaustion. Extreme mental and physical fatigue contend to force forfeiture of your victory. The quiet and calming option of surrender looms enticingly, back there in the corner of your mind; but just as you’re about to succumb, purpose jolts you back to the realization of what you’ve always known. To give up or give in would equal failure. You realize that you’ve not been caught off guard, not exactly… The unveiling of the unknown has presented either an annoying setback or an expected challenge. Both demand that you rouse the faith within you.

Thinking about an inspirational, admirable epitaph on your headstone may not do it. But thinking of the ineffable peace of transitioning from life to death, with the satisfaction of knowing that you have wrung the very last drop out of the gifts and talents that were poured out upon you, just may be the thing to spur you to faith forward! Power on, your Creator awaits you.


  1. Stop. Stop the presses immediately and breath. Take off that crappy shoe and hose off the evidence of your unfortunate misstep (RELEASE). Disinfect your shoe, put it back on and follow an interesting trail off the beaten path (RENEW). Get dressed, go line dancing! Take in a play or go see a movie. There’s bound to be an uplifting message outside your typical routine (REDIRECT). Sometimes you must pull the magnifying glass back a smidgen, to see clearly what’s in view (REVIEW).
  1. Go. Go back to the plan that you originally recorded. Reread (INSPIRE). Chances are you’ll see that you’ve learned more advantageous ways to do some of what you’ve set out to do (IGNITE). Tell yourself that there’s more than one way to achieve your goal and congratulate yourself for being so flexible and open to change (INVITE). Just having reread your plan will reinvigorate you. This step will challenge you to perfect your plan to reach your goal (INSTIGATE).
  1. Be. Be intentionally grateful. Discover what this means for you (AUTHENTICATE). Realize that if you don’t finish what you started you’ll be left with the nagging notion that you could have—that you could have come face-to-face with your glorious destiny (ACHIEVE). I always say, “If you don’t quit, you have to finish,” just by not giving up (ASPIRE). You will win. It’s the process of character and strength building that matters most. You may have heard it termed, “It’s the climb.” Yes, it’s the falling away of the undesired to welcome the desired (AMEN).

Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom. I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time” (Ecclesiastes 9:11, NLT).

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